Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Lost Gardens of Heligan

It must be a sign of age that I now enjoy looking around gardens, and the Lost Gardens of Heligan are a real treat. There's a huge range of habitats, ranging from formal and walled gardens to a sub-tropical "jungle" deep in the valley. It's a popular spot (deservedly) but it's sufficiently large that everyone seems to be swallowed up by the garden - even two coach-loads of Germans who turned up while we were there!

As well as the Spring flowers, there are also large beds of Gunnera (a form of rhubarb, or so I am reliably informed by my botanical spouse). It had just started to sprout, and there was something distinctly prehistoric about the area where this was happening.

The Greenhouse and Potting Shed were also rather fun, although nothing much was going on in either given the time of year.