Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Flora at 16 weeks

For those who have been waiting several weeks for their puppy fix, I can only apologise for the delay.  I've been really busy with other things (in this case, the Cambridge Camera Club website), meaning that I haven't had much time for photography.  I've kept up with pictures of Flora, though, so here are a few of her aged 16 weeks towards the end of April.

Flora isn't quite as obsessed with balls as Isla, but she knows that it's a good way to get her sister to play with her.

Sometimes the games can be quite scary...

...although not as scary as "Fat Jimmy", our lard-arse of a cat.

After all that excitement it's time for a lie-down.  Sisters really do make excellent chin rests.

[Pictures of Isla at roughly the same stage can be found here and here.]

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