Sunday, 20 May 2018

Normal service is resumed

After three completely mad weeks, preparing for two photographic exhibitions and handing over the job of RPS Regional Organiser after more than five years doing it normal service is resumed when it comes to reporting on Isla's progress.  She's now 18 weeks old, and definitely looking like a small dog rather than a large puppy.  She's started teething too, so quite a lot of time is spent chewing anything she can get her ultra-sharp gnashers into.  Rubber door wedges are a particular favourite, as are flower pots and assorted sticks from the garden.  Luckily she also likes carrot, cucumber and apple, along with anything else even vaguely edible.  A classic labrador, in other words.  This morning we were happy to lie on the lawn in the sunshine, watching the world go by.

Occasionally we would need to go foraging in the flower beds to find something new and interesting to chew.

Current weight:  13.5kg

Current state with the cats:  Still fairly frosty with two of them, but Isla is now best buddies with our ginger cat.  She repeatedly presents him with gifts - anything from a stuffed rat to an empty yogurt pot - which is usually rejected unceremoniously.  Like all unrequited love affairs, I suspect the relationship is eventually doomed to failure.

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