Saturday, 3 September 2016

Fenland Country Fair

On Bank Holiday Monday we decided to visit the traditional Fenland Country Fair at Quy.  We've been several times before - the first occasion being ten years ago when Amber was a small pup - and it's changed very little over this period.  Lots to see and do, and extremely dog-friendly into the bargain.  An ideal opportunity to take the camera out too.

Very soon I ended up with a crack in my lens, however...

It was a gloriously sunny afternoon, and lots of people were sitting on straw bales watching the entertainment in the arena.  I don't think their pooches were too impressed, though, and one or two of the older audience members also started to nodd off.

There was always the ferrets to look at, of course, and it was lovely to bump into Yvonne and Geoff Evans from Cambridge Camera Club there.  I knew they were ferret fanciers, of course, but I had never seen them plying their trade before.  The two poeple below are not Yvonne and Geoff, but two a couple with a young child who clearly thought that ferrets would improve their chances of a sun tan.

In common with all country fairs, there were lots of things on sale.  This ranged from the bespoke, in terms of both tweed suits and pet homes, to rather more esoteric offerings.  I'm not sure I'd want anyone to Put the pet's [sic] in my petshop, and certainly not Simon or one of his eponymous rodents.  Well, not until they'd learned to punctuate properly, at the very least.

As for the assorted plastic avians available, I'm sure there were bargains to be had if only one knew what to look for.

Personally I've always wanted a turbo-charged flapper, so it was lovely to see them on sale...

The fair also had old-fashioned entertainments such as swings, a helter-skelter and a rather wonderful carousel.  It was no surprise that the children wanted to have a go, but Harriet decided to re-live her childhood as well.

Country shows are also great places to see livestock, although the choice was rather limited on this occasion.  I remember going to shows in Yorkshire as a kid which were full of cows, sheep, goats, geese, ducks and the like - along with lots of improbably sized vegetables.  On this occasion we had to make do with a few chickens in cages (not illustrated) and some rather beautiful heavy horses.

Since last year's show had been a complete wash-out, the warm late-summer sunshine was a welcome change for everyone.