Friday, 12 August 2016

Cambridge CC President's "do" 2016

Every year, the incoming Cambridge CC President hosts a party during the summer, and I remember very well the time I had to do it back in 2010.  This year it was Barry Badcock's turn, and we had a very pleasant afternoon in Haddenham courtesy of him and Sue at the end of June.  From my point of view it was an ideal opportunity to take embarrassing pictures of fellow members, ideally when in the process of stuffing their faces with the excellent food on offer.  Apologies (sort of) to Chris, Charles, Trevor and Ken for the following pictures.

The "dumb blonde" in the next couple of images isn't Amber, in fact, but a much newer model called Saffron.  I know that Amber would have been as close to the food as possible, but Saffron seemed to be quite happy sitting in the shade with Helen.  Phil, meanwhile, appeared to have taken up the gentle art of dog portraiture.

Gareth, who hasn't been with the club long enough to be tainted, looked positively normal by comparison.

Curses, spotted...

I suspect the answer will be "no" next time I need help with an RPS newsletter after posting that final shot...