Saturday, 4 June 2016

All aboard "Kitty"

The sun was shining when we boarded Kitty, but the strong breeze meant there was a distinct nip in the air.  The direction of the wind, along with an incoming tide, meant that we had several false starts before we were finally able to pull away from the quayside.  In the end it took some good old-fashioned pushing and shoving to get us on our way.

Some examples of Homo photographicus, all looking out for "the decisive moment".

By the time we were out in the middle of the estuary the sun had gone in and the wind was absolutely freezing.  Martin - who was significantly more "manly" than me - decided to turn up wearing shorts and sandals.  Needless to say, his goose-pimples were visible at 100 yards!  Other people simply wrapped themselves up as best they could; or, if all else failed, went down below for a hot drink and a piece of cake.

Ken appeared to be looking for divine inspiration.  Not sure whether he received any...

We came back to port under sail, which was a wonderful experience: so quiet and smooth.  As we were returning, Hydrogen was just setting out.

There was also a rowing crew out practising.  Note that the heavy work is being done by women, with the men either chatting or taking pictures.

The crew were a hardy bunch, but even they looked cold as we were docking.

An excellent trip, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, and it only took about six hours to thaw out completely.