Saturday, 2 April 2016

RAF Barnham 2 (Homo photographicus)

My favourite natural history subject is, without a doubt, Homo photographicus - or, to be more exact the shy and elusive sub-species Homo photographicus (Cantabrigiensis).  There were several good specimens on the trip to RAF Barnham, some in full winter plumage, and it was a joy to take pictures of them in their natural habitat...

Pat obviously wanted something red in her picture.

Ok, some real natural history here.  Ann found a large group of harlequin ladybirds in one of the "hutches".

The final three pictures were taken from the top of one of the lookout towers.  The less adventurous members of the group stayed at ground level, whereas the "alpha males" went right to the top.  Getting down was rather more tricky, as Paul found out.