Sunday, 14 February 2016

Iceland 2.32: Jökulsárlón in Daylight

Jökulsárlón is one of those places which has an endless fascination for the photographer and non-photographer alike.  The ever-changing weather, the constant re-generation of the bergs in the lagoon and the strong river/tidal flow all result in a location which is never the same twice.  It was only fifteen hours or so since I'd watched the sun go down over a virtually empty lagoon, but now there were bergs everywhere.  Presumably the warm sun had caused large numbers to break off the glacier.  Sadly, the same sun gave harsh, contrasty light with absolutely no subtlety, and it had also attracted hordes of tourists to boot.

The arctic terns were still in plentiful supply, and we spent a while watching them until the sheer number of people forced us to move somewhere quieter.

Having given up on the lagoon itself, we wandered down to the beach to look for birds and see what else was happening.  I became distracted by watching lumps of ice being buffeted around by the incoming tide.  Little things please little minds, I suppose.

The final picture is of our trusty steed with a hazy ice cap for a background.  It had behaved impeccably throughout our trip, and I was going to be sad to hand back the keys in less than 48 hours.  There were still a few kilometers to put on the clock first, though...