Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Trip to the Norfolk Coast

The past couple of weeks has been spent preparing for, executing, and then recovering from Christmas, so it was great to get out yesterday with my daughter Frances, her husband Christopher and Amber (of course) to the Norfolk Coast.  It was a bit nippy in the wind, but really nice when the sun came out.  It was also an opportunity for me to try out a couple of new Fuji lenses: the 50-140/2.8 and 16-55/2.8.  I deliberately put them through their paces by shooting wide open most of the day, and so far I've been very impressed with the results - especially from the 50-140 (75-210 full-frame equivalent, which is one of my favourite focal lengths).

Amber's natural home seems to be at the seaside, and she was terribly excited to be able to run round on the shingle at Cley (which patently isn't next-the-Sea, despite its name).

Christopher was skimming stones on the water, and Amber decided it would be a good idea to go and "fetch" one.  Unfortunately she didn't see the wave which then completely drenched her...

As always, there were lots of good smells on the beach.

The Fuji X-T1 is not known for its focusing abilities, but it made a pretty good job of capturing Christopher who was attempting to out-run Amber.

Frances had borrowed my backup Fuji camera - an X-E2 - and was getting to grips with it by photographing interesting things on the sea shore.


Time to check the pictures on the back of the camera.

Curses - spotted!

Christopher doing a little jig after winning the (highly intellectual) game of Pooh Sticks.

After lunch we went on to Wells (which really is next-the-sea), but by this time it had become very overcast and gloomy.

An excellent day out, and a wonderful antidote to the over-indulgence of the previous few days.