Friday, 29 May 2015

Norfolk Bird Fair

A couple of weekends ago Harriet and I headed up to the Norfolk Bird Fair at Mannington Hall.  It was a low key affair which turned out to be pleasantly uncrowded.  There were also interesting (and dangerous!) exhibits from the likes of WEX and EOS Magazine, and it was great to be able to chat to the people there without having to fight for attention.  There was also the obligatory display of owls and raptors, including a rather engaging Little Owl and a magnificent Harris Hawk.

Mannington Hall itself is privately owned and not normally open to the public.  It's a beautiful 15th century moated manor house made of flint and brick, and the building has an amazing collection of gargoyles and other carved heads.

Meanwhile, back at the WEX tent, a Canada Goose was patrolling the moat and acting as a target for those contemplating the purchase of a new pair of binoculars (no names, no pack drill, Harriet!).

A thoroughly enjoyable day out - if a little expensive...