Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Crufts (part 4)

No - the poodle is neither a Hound nor a Terrier, but was at one of the trade stands being given a new hair-do.

The wolf hounds were very gentle and placid considering their enormous size.

Never work with children or animals, unless absolutely necessary.  This is one of the "real" photographers attempting to get a wide-angle shot of one of the dogs (and failing miserably).

Whippets and greyhounds always look so mournful - to my eyes, anyway.

 Now, I would have enjoyed seeing the borzoi with hair which matched that of its owner...

The beagles were lovely, although many had just been abandoned in cages.

This set finishes with one of the blood hounds.  Very gentle and friendly, but I do worry about those eyes...

This is the penultimate set, you'll be pleased to hear.  Just be thankful I didn't go on the gundog day!