Thursday, 27 November 2014

Falconry Display

Probably the highlight of our trip to Leeds Castle was a falconry display in the afternoon.  Three birds were flown by two handlers, with another providing a running commentary.  Challenging to photograph, though: partly because of the speed the birds flew at; but also because, wherever they landed, it seemed that there was always a member of the audience wearing a bright pink T-shirt directly behind!

First up was a Snowy Owl.

I love the bird's expression in the next one, as though she'd just spotted the idiot with the camera...

Next up was a Kestrel, which was a real contrast to the owl given its relatively small size and increased agility.

The final bird was a Harris Hawk, whose party piece was to fly straight into one of the cat basket which was used to transport the birds.

What amazing animals, and a really well produced show.  A good test for the 5DmkIII as well, since the mkII would definitely have struggled under the same conditions.