Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Got the T-Shirt

Got the T-Shirt was taken while in Bristol visiting my daughter.  I was walking along the Gloucester Road when I spotted a couple of T-Shirts - one of a cat and the other of a dog - in a shop window.  I only had my iPhone at the time, thereby proving the old saying that the best camera for a job is the one you have with you.

This is the original image straight out of the camera.  A small amount of cloning in Photoshop was necessary to remove distractions on the right and at the bottom, but the colour cast, vignette and "grunge" were added in Nik Snapseed.  I mourn the day that Google took over Nik Software and canned the desktop version of Snapseed: it was a very easy and powerful tool to use, and therefore one which was perfectly suited for teaching purposes.  While it's still possible to use the application on the iPad and iPhone, it's not quite the same.  Come on, Google - let's have Snapseed Desktop back.  Please...

#NikSoftware #SnapSeed