Sunday, 27 April 2014

Iceland 8: Boiling Mud and Fumaroles

After dinner we went for a short drive, essentially doing reconnaissance for the following day.  This resulted in us going past the Krafla geothermal power station and ending up in Namafjall Hverir, an area of fumaroles, boiling mud and sulphurous gas.  Pity it was raining, but it was still pretty impressive.  It turned out to be a good call visit the hot springs area in the evening as there wasn't a coach to be seen; just us and a few other hardy souls.  When we went past the same area during the day, the car park was full of coaches (enough said).

Not much evidence of Health & Safety at work, I was pleased to see.  Some of the more vicious boiling mud pools had a rudimentary cord around them, but otherwise we could walk pretty well where we wanted.