Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lihou Island

After an Image Appraisal workshop on the Sunday morning, we then had the afternoon free before dinner with Carl and Gill in St Peter Port.  Given the fortuitous timing of low tide, we decided to walk across the causeway to Lihou Island, just off the Western coast of Guernsey.

There was Thrift everywhere on the island.

Other plants too, although not being botanically inclined I've no idea what they are.  No doubt someone will put me out of my misery.

[Later:  Indeed, a wise man has informed me that the plant in question is "Umbilicus rupestris", also known as "Navelwort" and "Wall Pennywort".  Consider my misery well and truly ended.]


Presumably this is Cow Parsley.

I'm on firmer ground with Homo photographicus.  Jan, Gill, Ann, David and Carl were all in evidence.

There were lots of Gulls nesting on the island.  Mainly Lesser Black-backed,  but also others including several Herring Gulls.

The "natives" weren't all that friendly, however, given that it was the nesting season.  As a result, everyone was attacked as they walked close to the nesting area.

A quiet sit-down at the end of a hot afternoon before walking back across the causeway.  The concrete monstrosity on the hillside is one of the many Martello Towers (*) on Guernsey, left over from the German occupation during the Second World War.

* [Later:  I was suspicious when I wrote the last sentence, as I thought that the Martello Towers were earlier than WWII.  I checked with my friend Mr Google, and the search threw up pictures of the German gun emplacements in addition to the real Martello towers which are Napoleonic.  Serves me right for being lazy and only looking at the pictures; if I'd read the small print, my original suspicions would have been confirmed.]

By this point we'd built up quite an appetite for dinner - especially having skipped lunch in order to catch the tide!