Sunday, 23 December 2012

Dusk in Bristol

It had (almost) stopped raining by the time I walked back to Frances's flat, so I thought I'd have a go at photographing Bristol life as the light faded.

This couple were window shopping...

I've processed the following image in both colour and monochrome.  I know which I prefer (but then you'd probably have been able to guess anyway).

It was almost dark by the time I took the last three.  Even Primark can look moderately attractive on a damp evening as it gets dark! 

The final image was taken while walking through Stokes Croft, which is the "alternative" area of Bristol.  They like their local shops there, though, which explains the mural on the wall behind the bus.  It was painted during the height of an unsuccessful campaign to stop Tesco opening a store on the Gloucester Road.

These pictures, plus those from Woolies and @Bristol  were all taken on a Sony NEX5, many of them hand-held down to 1/4s.