Thursday, 16 August 2012

Things on and in the Water

Returning to our so-called holiday on the Norfolk Broads, here are a few from Salhouse Broad between Wroxham and Horning.  A beautiful spot which also happens to be within easy walking distance of the restaurant at the Woodforde's Brewery in Woodbastwick.  Yum...

Izzi and Harriet decided to explore the Broad by kayak while I stayed back at base to photograph the "wildlife".  There was the occasional Great Crested Grebe and Egyptian Goose, but mainly they were kept at bay by a chap a couple of boats over who insisted on playing his accordion.

The Egyptian Goose is, of course, a duck (if it looks like a goose and quacks like a goose, etc.).

Unusually for the holiday, we were then treated to a beautiful sunny evening.  As a result we decided to let Amber have a swim in the Broad before going off for a slap-up dinner at the aforementioned restaurant.

Did I mention that the dinner was yummy?