Sunday, 1 July 2012

What goes up must come down...

Today, at Sibson airfield near Peterborough, Izzi went Sky Diving to raise money for Magpas.  It's still possible to sponsor her here for what is an enormously worthwhile cause.

The day started with a briefing and words of encouragement from Sue of Toad's Driving School, who had organised the event on behalf of Magpas.  Izzi claimed not to be nervous, but I wasn't convinced based on the body language...

An air of resignation had set in by this point.

What the well-dressed (aerial) photographer is wearing this season.  I was pleased to see that the camera (a Canon EOS 600D) was held on with Gaffer tape and bungees.

Then it was all aboard, shortly followed by take-off and a 15 minute climb to 15,000 feet.  Then the fun started...

The following pictures are Izzi, strapped to her "tandem" instructor, heading towards the earth at alarming speed.

 All over bar the shouting now.  The only issue was to avoid being landed upon by other sky-divers.

I think she enjoyed it!

 It was then time to catch the minibus back to the airfield.  The final picture shows a very proud Izzi (photographed by a very proud father) demonstrating her achievement beside a Magpas poster.

Needless to say she wants to do it again next year, although I sincerely hope that she'll have passed her driving test by then!