Monday, 25 June 2012

Blickling Hall in Infra Red

Contrary to the weather forecast, the Sunday dawned bright and sunny.  As a result we decided to come home via Blickling Hall, a National Trust property with extensive (dog friendly) grounds.  The conditions definitely called for the IR camera.

The first image is the pub, which is part of the estate village.

The second is a rather ugly tower, built by one of the late Victorian Blickling residents.  Not a folly, but a platform from which to watch horse racing; now leased out by the National Trust as a holiday "cottage".

A mausoleum, built for one of the more egotistical family members.

A couple of views of the Hall from across the lake.

Finally a couple of views of the hall itself, taken from the main gates.  

A truly imposing Jacobean pile, famous for being the seat of the Boleyn family (of beheaded Anne fame), although nothing of the original Tudor building now exists.