Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Rough Seas and Intrepid Photographers

After braving the wilds of Great Yarmouth on a Saturday night, the rough seas at Happisburgh were chicken feed for our happy band of intrepid photographers.  It was cold and windy, but the glorious sunshine and spectacular spray made for a highly enjoyable time on the beach.

The last two pictures are actually of the same couple, the first shot in colour with the 100-400 and the second in Infra Red with the 24-105.  Given the fairly harsh (for December) sunlight, I think I prefer the IR version.

The sea defences (well, failed sea defences) are what draw photographers to this spot.  The waves crashing into them were spectacular, but according to a notice posted at the scene, it seems that the old defences will be removed relatively soon.  What will we poor photographers do without rotting wood and twisted metal?

Again, one picture in colour and one in IR to show the difference.  As well as the straight shots, I've also been playing around with blending several to create a more surreal effects.  So far I rather like the result, but maybe I'll revise my judgement when I've had a chance to make a print?

Some IR pictures, taken later in the morning, as the sun was getting too high for good colour shots.

Finally, it's time for my fellow Homo photographicus specimens to take centre stage.