Monday, 7 November 2011

Connah's Quay

The PAGB National Print Championships took part in the Deeside College.  Actually they took place in a building which looked (and felt) like an aircraft hangar, and had the same kind of charm.  It was an indoor running track with automatic lights (not ideal when projecting!) and - apparently - absolutely no heating.

There were five of us from Cambridge Camera Club including me.  The picture below shows Ann, Miles, Mike and Sue going from left to right.

The entries in the championships were projected onto a big screen so that the assembled multitudes (around 300 people) could admire the work - some of which was absolutely stunning.

Cambridge ended the day in fourth position, which is an astonishing achievement for an "ordinary" club.  Below is a picture of a highly chuffed Sue collecting a Silver Medal from the PAGB President, Peter Cheetham.

The good news is that we get automatic entry to Connah's Quay next year too.  Better start packing the thermal undies now...