Thursday, 17 June 2010

Wicken Wildlife

An intrepid bunch of individuals from Cambridge Camera Club ventured to Wicken Fen on Sunday.  We were treated to the spectacle of an emerging dragonfly, although there was quite a queue when it came to photographing the beastie.  We also had to run the gauntlet of some rather vicious mosquitos, which soon developed a taste for photographic flesh...

While waiting patiently to photograph the dragonfly, I turned my lens on other subjects.  The first was an unsuspecting Azure Damselfly which was soaking up the sun on a fence post.  [Later: a wise man has informed me that it's a Blue-tailed Damselfly, not an Azure.  Who am I to argue?]

I then ran out of insects (and patience) so started to look at my fellow mosquito fodder.

I was even lucky enough to capture these specimens of homo photographicus exhibiting some interesting behaviour.  First there is the illicit gardening while nobody is looking, followed by some kind of ritual dance to get back behind the viewfinder.  Finally, I was extremely fortunate to see two individuals interacting in their natural environment.

The poor dragonfly is visible in the final picture - just!