Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Having fun at Kew

A small bunch of intrepid photographers braved the weather on Sunday to visit Kew Gardens.  It was grey and wet, but this didn't really matter as the prime reason for the trip was to see the orchids in the Princess of Wales conservatory.  Being inspired by Paula's lupins, rather than take some "straight" shots of the flowers, I thought I'd have a go at something a bit more creative.  The plan was to take foregrounds and backgrounds separately, but I rather like some of the backgrounds as abstracts in their own right.

Similarly, I preferred the dreamy close-ups of the white orchids compared to a more factual record.

Suitably fortified by tea and cake, I wandered around outside the glass houses as it had just about stopped raining.  By now I was having fun with this panning and zooming malarkey, so decided to continue in the same vein.  First target was a bed of crocuses under a tree...

...and then a couple of the glass houses themselves.

By this point I was enjoying myself far too much to do any "real" photography, so Ann very kindly lent me her 15mm fisheye lens.  As with many of the items I've borrowed from her, it was ever so difficult to give it back.  Huge fun, and I can see myself saving up for one at some point.