Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Visit to Bristol

September 2009

I visited Bristol in order to collect my daughter, who had been working there for Rolls Royce during her summer vacation.  This was the time of the Banksy exhibition, and there were plenty of people prepared to queue all day for the privilege of seeing it (I wasn't one of them).

Not being one for crowds I soon gravitated to the quiet area by the docks, close to the "At Bristol" science museum.  There are lots of good things to keep a photographer amused outside the museum, in addition to the excellent (but rather expensive) lunch I bought from its cafe.  One is a huge sphere, covered in mirrors, which reflects the goings-on in the square below.

The best features are a set of fountains, made from various reflective materials such as stainless steel and granite.  I spent well over an hour taking assorted pictures of these fountains, including a less-than-recognisable self portrait...

At this point a hazy sun started to emerge from the clouds, which added another dimension to the fountains.