Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Day 1: Skukuza, Afternoon and Evening

Monday 27th July 2009

After lunch of bacon and "eggmangle", Izzi made use of the Internet facilities in the camp while Harriet and I did some shopping and wandered around. We were staying in a rondavel (basic but comfortable) which had its own cleaning-brush tree and monkey-proof dustbin!

While having a cup of coffee, it was clear that some wildlife had made itself very much at home in the camp. In particular there was a colony of bats roosting in one of the outdoor eating areas, and the local bird population was quick to clean up any scraps left over by the human inhabitants.

We went out for another drive in the afternoon, which has become overcast, and ran into a troop of chacma baboons. They started off by having a good old grooming session by the side of the road (it was clear that one of the young males was enjoying it far too much - see below!) and then proceeded to cause a traffic jam over a bridge. Just when that particular blockage had cleared, a flock of helmeted guinea fowl took up the challenge...

The day ended with a sundowner - a cold beer, sipped while sitting on a bench watching the (relatively short) sunset. The building shown is the restaurant, although we had a take-away from the cafeteria next door instead of yet more "venison".