Thursday, 23 July 2009

Orford Ness

Yet more delays, I'm afraid, when it comes to posting pictures. This set were taken on Orford Ness almost three weeks ago when a bunch of us from Cambridge Camera Club had a day trip from Belstead. It was very hot, sunny and hazy - not an ideal day for photography at all - and much of the island was closed to us for either safety or wildlife protection reasons. There were lots of notices warning about "unexploded ordnance", so the majority of our number stuck to the paths; there were exceptions, however...

The first item of interest was a wonderful old petrol pump which reminded me of Wallace & Gromit's "grand day out" to the moon.

There were lots of other remnants from wartime occupation, including lamps, fences, rolls of barbed wire and a large number of intriguing concrete blocks with steel loops embedded. Our best guess was that they were used as anchors for radio masts when the site was being used for Radar research.

Very few of the buildings on the island were "open for business", so I concentrated on the lighthouse and the strange black tower.

As might be expected there were lots of Homo Photographicus specimens to observe and record. Some were showing interesting behaviour, such as rolling around on the ground, investigating high voltage power sources and walking through "beware, unexploded ordnance" areas. No photographers were harmed in the making of this blog, however...